5 struggles that prove you are highly intelligent.

5 struggles that prove you are highly intelligent.

In the real world, spotting intelligent people isn’t quite simple. While we all like to believe that we possess high levels of intelligence, deciphering the competence of our brain power can be tricky. Most people regard highly intelligent people as super humans who have it all figured out simply because their brains can help them in any life situation. Sometimes, even you the intelligent cant understand what it is with you. In order to help you feel acknowledged and understood, here are some of your most common struggles.

5 struggles that prove you are highly intelligent.

1. It is hard for you to fall in love

Since you are much more cautious, analytical and independent than the rest, you tend to get mistaken for cold and high maintenance. Additionally, you can lack spontaneity at times, which makes your love interest, lose interest.

2. Small talk exhausts you

5 struggles that prove you are highly intelligent.

It can be quite a challenge for you to get involved in talks about ordinary things. This is because your brain is overwhelmed with great ideas. Topics that interest you likely include science, art, philosophy, and those are rarely found in small talk. This makes you feel like you are wasting your time trapped in a suffocating, never-ending list of socially acceptable set phrases.

3. Your job can easily bore you

5 struggles that prove you are highly intelligent.

The need for your brain to be constantly challenged with new, greater ideas and projects can turn your once exciting job into ordinary and boring as you exhaust all ways to be creative with it. This can turn into a day-to-day struggle to finish your tasks. Additionally, in most cases, your boss isn’t so sympathetic to your longings and just wants the job done.

4. You think more than you speak

As your brain is wired to look for all possible solutions and answers to a problem, it may take you more time than a person of average intelligence to give your opinion or draw a conclusion. Moreover, if you are not completely sure you’ve got the right answer or a brilliant idea, you won’t speak at all. Your struggle lies in the fact that most people around you are not familiar with the way your thought process works, and they get confused or regard you as weird, introverted, or uninterested.

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5. You are considered socially awkward

As if those aren’t enough, your next struggle comes as a result of all the previous ones. If you are feeling uncomfortable during small talk, refrain from speaking if not sure, don’t get inspired by old and exhausted ideas, or if you feel more comfortable with ideas than execution, people tend to characterize you as socially awkward. Little do they know, this only puts more pressure on you making you feel more self-conscious about your social


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