5 Tips To Get What You Want From Anyone You Meet.

5 Tips To Get What You Want From Anyone You Meet.




5 Tips To Get What You Want From Anyone You Meet.


People interact with each other on a daily basis, and most times this is because one person needs something from the other. Getting others to do what you want them to do is simple, when you know how to do it.

In other words, the way to get anybody to do what you want is to make them want to do it. Trying to get what you want through intimidation or force is asking for trouble. Yes, it’s possible but not advisable to use forceful methods, because the results are short term and can even be disastrous.
So how do you get others to do what you want? Simple. Give them what they want. That is the secret to attraction. And what is it that people want?



1. Never demand or cajole

cajoling is to persuade someone to do something by sustained coaxing or flattery. it doesn’t really work unless what you want is same as feeling miserable. those who are actually getting help and finding fulfillment, are those people who are  friendly  and are not demanding or cajoling at all. they are polite, unselfish and kind.



2. Learn to have patience;

sometimes getting what you want is just an exercise in patience. Don’t give up. If its something you really need or want, just learn to set aside some of the urgency and figure out a backup plan while you wait.


3. Always tell the backstory;

you have to tell people why you want something. you actually have to be honest and real about your request. For example, when you want an off from your boss, there is a reason why you need that off and you have to explain.


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4. Focus on the relationship; 

a twist in your thinking is required here. Often, what we really want is to have a good relationship, both in business and in life. sometimes we tend to think that what we want is that 2million contract from the client but in reality what we may want is a relationship with that customer who will pay you 2million every year for the next decade. you have to shift your want. in many cases, developing a good relationship with your employees, co-workers, investors and customers, is the most important outcome of persuasion.



5. See the bigger picture;

let me give you a practical example on this one. you walk into a boutique to buy clothes for your kids and start berating the sales person to give you a good deal. maybe you even get a good deal. but you have ruined his/her day and acted as a jerk. No one likes you. now get to the same seller and just get a fair deal and but act like you don’t even need the deep cuts. Suddenly, the seller treats you with respect. you feel good about how you acted. your kids see someone who is fair and pleasant.


This are the most powerful ways to get what you want.


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