”…I grew up wanting to be an Engineer..” Meet Malaba’s New Voice

”…I grew up wanting to be an Engineer..” Meet Malaba’s New Voice




“Just like every other kid with big dreams, I grew up wanting to be an engineer, but now that am grown I want to someday fit in to Bahatis’ shoes,” says Sheen Prezzo, the new hot voice in town.

Sheen Prezoo, born David Wainaina on 1November 1996 in Malaba Kenya, is a Gospel bongo and Afro-beat artiste, and a versatile musician from the heart of Malaba Kenya. He is one of the most popular and promising artist in the lager Busia region. Sheen sings in English and Swahili and has numerous achievements under his belt.

Music Career


''...I grew up wanting to be an Engineer..'' Meet Malaba's New Voice


Sheen Prezoo’s career began in 2014 when he was still in High school at Bungoma.  That is when he recorded his first song Everytime ‘’ Nikianza muziki nilikua na pupa sana, nilikua najua day tu nitaingia studio, Kenya mzima itanitambua’’ (when i started my music career, I was over ambitious and thought I will be star in no time) He tells how it has not been a walk in a park thing.  Talking of his experience in the industry so far, Sheen explains that the only way to make it as an artist in the industry is to stand out.


“This industry not only requires mad skills and science but also discipline. It’s one of those industries that calls for one to have patience before they get their breakthrough. After a little while, another artist, a new kid on the block comes and overpowers you. However, one needs to plan and focus if they have to keep longevity. You really have to be very calculated,” he remarks.


Sheen, who is currently working on his first Album, boasts of being among the few with the hottest music videos around.  In total he has recorded 8 songs Maombi being the latest and 2 videos.

He also confirms that Malaba has big talents which have not been utilized. ‘’ Just like any other serious business, music needs capital, and thats the main problem for us as upcoming artists. Over here we almost have no promoters ’’

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Other than that, he adds that sometimes when events are held the turn-up might be discouraging but he has sworn to fight on until he realizes his dreams. At the moment, he’s not signed to any Record label

Family and personal life


''...I grew up wanting to be an Engineer..'' Meet Malaba's New Voice

Away from the entertainment industry, and still being single, Sheen Prezzo has set up a household and electronics distribution business. Currently, this is his side hustle. He says from what he earns from the business, he is able to keeping himself and music career running comfortably.

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