”Hainiwes” Awinja’s Pregnancy causes a stir.

” Hainiwes” Awinja’s Pregnancy causes a stir.


You have definitely came across a pregnant lady. when they’re up the duff, they do things that would be completely weird in any other situation. Not only are they almost constantly thinking about the little life growing inside of them, but they’re also affected by a host of hormones that can make their behavior seem even weirder.

While some ladies turn into monsters and others complain of almost everything when pregnant, Papa Shirandula’s Awinja is feeling as normal as a virgin. A few weeks Ago, she surprised Kenyans with a photo of her baby bump saying “I’m one of those lucky women,”

Awinja is married to alfred Ngachi who works for Sync Media as the executive creative director. Just like the way they have kept their relationship private, for months now, they have also managed to keep the news of their growing baby bump under wraps. The only person who knew the secret was Awinja’s close friend, Naomi Ng’ang’a- a fellow actress.

According to a close source, Awinja is few months away from delivering. But still, she herself has confirmed of having encountered none of those weird feelings many women get when pregnant.

She said “I haven’t experienced any morning sickness. I don’t have cravings when it comes to food, I eat anything. I have had the easiest pregnancy so far,”
Awinja whose real name is Jacky Vike, grew up in Kanuku and Madiwa in Eastleigh, Nairobi and she is the third born in a family of five kids consisting of three sisters and two brothers. She attended Heshima Road Primary School and later attended Kegoye High School in Western. After completing her secondary education, she came to Nairobi where she started acting literature set books.
At the moment, she doubles up as an  actress in seasoned Citizen TV comedy show ‘Papa Shirandula and a presenter at Qwetu Radio.
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