What Led To Zari Hassan’s Ex-Husband’s Death.

What Led To Zari Hassan’s Ex-Husband’s Death.

Just in case you still don’t know who Ivan Semwanga is, then you should understand that he was a South Africa-based Ugandan businessman. Semwanga passed away on Thursday morning (25/5/2017) at a hospital in Pretoria where he had been admitted following a stroke.


What Led To Zari Hassan’s Ex-Husband’s Death.
at a hospital in Pretoria where he had been admitted

But something is coming up. Various people are trying to solve a mystery of his death. But what is causing the stir is the flurry prior to his death. Might his life have ended due to the liveliness and the drama before his departure?

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Ivan Ssemwanga, is a man who made his name in a very short time. He used to live in Kayunga back in the 90’s before he moved to Kampala for O and A level studies. He went to Central Academy where he became a head prefect and started building his profile. He laiter had married Zari Kirigwajjo in a traditional ceremony and together they had 3 boys.

What Led To Zari Hassan’s Ex-Husband’s Death.
Ivan and his sons

Enough of TBT. Now here is where it stated. A week to his death, Ivan Semwanga was hit by a stroke. He was immediately taken to intensive care unit (ICU) and operated upon in a bid to clear up some clots from his blood stream. Though he came out of the operation, he never said a word again.


A very close friend reportedly says that, Ivan would smile at his hospital visitors, wink but no words came out except hissing sounds that had come to define his new language. “’Mmmm ooohm . the friend further adds that he  remembers being there when Zari visited, Ivan held her hand, pressed it hard then went off in ‘mmmm oooo mmm’,”


Then the fights started in hospital. While Ivan Semwanga lay in his bed, back at his South African home, Zari was not having it easy on King Lawrence. King Lawrence was Ivan’s bosom buddy.

What Led To Zari Hassan’s Ex-Husband’s Death.
with his buddy, King Lawrance after alighting from a chopper and gurded by Ugandan Police.

Zari was accusing Lawrence of wanting to reap from where he did not sow. Apparently, King Lawrence was searching the Don’s private room up and down trying to get hold of all Ivan Semwanga’s financial documents, titles, and all keys to his wealth. But Zari got wind of this and immediately started to reign in on him.


At one point, these fights reached hospital and the two together with other family members had to be thrown out of hospital for the peace and sanity of the sick person. Ivan used to watch that and even read some on facebook, but still could not answer but hiss.


Imagine being bed ridden but see people already fighting for your possessions before you are even dead. Well we are not saying ”someone” did ”that…” so don’t quote wrongly.


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