RIP: Another Kenyan Music star takes a bow.

RIP: Another Kenyan Music star takes a bow.

Former Calif Records singer Laety Laetitia has passed on. This occurrence took place on Thursday but the cause is still unknown. Her death was announced by her family via social media this morning ( Friday 2/6/2017).

RIP: Another Kenyan Music star takes a bow.

Laety, who is also a song writer, had released her latest single Alamo a month ago, after being away from the limelight for a while. The family also shared and translated the lyrics tor the song;

Alamo- I pray
Alamo your well wherever you are
#Alamo that your steps be covered in bravery like King David
#Alamo that your journey be of great adventures.
#Alamo that your joys be multiplied like the sands of the sea
#Alamo that your sorrows be washed away by the drop of each tear.
#Alamo that like Daniel your enemy be muted.
#Alamo that Love and light lead your way. (Alamo-I Pray.)


Back in the year 2000, she got sighned to Calif records alongside other stars like Juakali and Nonini. Shes well remembered for her hit song with rapper Flexx Number Yako and Siwezi Mind which she featured Kano Boyz.

Her facebook profile brings out another fact that apart from being a musical artist, she was a co-director, motivational speaker and management consultant at Women Of Wonder Kenya (WOW), management consultant at Redfellas International and a former motivational speaking/events manager at Sauti ya Ma-youth.

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Various Kenyan artists have taken to the social media to send their condolences to the family of the bereaved. Our prayers with the family as mzuqa.

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